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If you're selling your used car yourself, you need to explore more options than Craigslist! Selling your car online means reaching a wider audience and the convenience of linking your ad to your social media and web sites. Running your "auto for sale" ad can cost you upwards of $20 per month on some sites, but on Market Auto Sales sites, all listings are free to private parties. You make the ad, you change it as needed, and it stays up until you take it down!

If you're selling a specialty car, you want to target the buyers that are looking for that specific market of cars. That's why we've created the Exclusive Sites - to help buyers who want a specific make of car find them in one place. Our Market Auto Sales Exclusive web sites include Mini Cooper and Saab models, and a new site dedicated to hybrid autos of all makes. If you have a collectible Buick Reatta, our site runs on a minimum $5 donation to get your extensive listing online.

For our Mini Cooper, Saab and Hybrid sites, only your name and email are needed to set up an account, the rest of the information is controlled by you. We NEVER give your email address to anyone else. These sites also include a Community page, an Auto Accessories category, a Car Parts for Sale/Wanted section, and listings for Services Offered.

Our newest site is a listing site of used hybrid autos, where you can list your hybrid auto of any model. All listings are free to private parties, and they stay up as long as you want!

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Coming soon, we'll be offering exclusive sites for Audi, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota. For now, visit our Mini Cooper, Hybrid, Saab sites.

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